The Book: The Thread That Binds

“The Thread That Binds: Interviews with Private Practice Bookbinders brings together 21 voices, all true representatives of the vibrant and resurgent field that is the book arts in America today. Telling their stories to Pamela Leutz one gains real insight into the very different paths they followed, the challenges they face, their successes, and how they are ensuring that their skills are passed on. A must read for anyone considering on working on their own in the field or just interested in the history of the field.”

Peter D. Verheyen, bookbinder/conservator, publisher of the Book Arts Web and The Bonefolder

The Thread That Binds, is available for purchase from

Interviews with
(in the order that they took place):

  • Eleanore Ramsey
  • Tini Miura
  • Frank Lehmann
  • Monique Lallier
  • Jan Sobota
  • Priscilla Spitler
  • Craig Jensen
  • Scott Kellar
  • Sol Rebora
  • Timothy Ely
  • Catherine Burkhard
  • Jim Croft
  • Cris Clair Takacs
  • Don Rash
  • Daniel Kelm
  • Peter Geraty
  • William Minter
  • Gabrielle Fox
  • Karen Hanmer
  • Don Glaister
  • with a special interview with
  • Don Etherington

Available in hardcover, paperback, or in unbound sheets.

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