Pamela Leutz has been bookbinding since 1979 when she began taking classes from Dorothy Westapher at the Craft Guild of Dallas.

In 1985 she went to Switzerland to study with master bookbinder, Hugo Peller.  She again studied with Mr. Peller in 1986 in Dallas, learning more about design bindings and decorative paper making.

She continued her studies with Czech master binders Jan and Jarmila Sobota in Dallas, TX, and the Czech Republic, studying fine binding and box-bindings, conservation, renaissance-style bindings, and other historical and design bindings.

She studied historical bindings and conservation with bookbinder, Sally Key. Pamela has also had the opportunity to take workshops from other fine bookbinders.

Pamela has taught bookbinding classes at such places as The Craft Guild of Dallas, the Dallas Museum of Art, Imagination Celebration, Southern Methodist University’s Informal Courses, and her own private studio.  Her classes include learning various styles of bindings, boxes and decorative paper techniques.

She won “Best Binding” for her design binding on The Coast of Chicago, which is now in special collections at the Chicago Public Library,  She also has a design binding at the Museum of Bookbinding in Loket,  Czech Republic.

She has served as co-chair of The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers and is currently the Communications Chair. She was an Advisory Board Member of The Helen Warren DeGolyer American Bookbinding Competition as well as Co-President of the Lone Star Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.

She now lives in Denver, CO where she creates fine bindings and artist books.

Pamela is the author of the book, The Thread That Binds: Interviews with Private Practice Bookbinders, which is available through

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